Here comes that Christmas spirit!!

Some people start getting in the Christmas spirit as soon as Halloween is over, while others don’t feel it until Christmas Eve.  I sort of fall in between.  I tend to get a little stressed over the Christmas shopping especially since I usually have to do it in between snow storms, so I don’t normally start to get excited until that is done.  This year the weather has co-operated beautifully, so I am pretty much done buying gifts for everyone, except for my husband who never gives me any ideas!!  Yesterday I even started some wrapping, which is pretty damn good considering it is only the first week of December, and last night we went to my husband’s Christmas party for work, so now I am really starting to feel the Christmas spirit.  As a result, I thought it might be appropriate to post a festive picture.

Last year, on Christmas Eve, after all the final wrapping had been done and the presents placed under the tree, I spent some time relaxing by experimenting with my camera.  I took pictures of the illuminated tree with the room lights on and off, and I snapped close-up pictures of the ornaments on the tree.  As usual some pictures didn’t turn out at all, but I did manage to get some pretty interesting shots, like this one where the ornament shows a reflection of me taking the picture.  It’s a little blurry, but I still like it.

Christmas Tree Ornament

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12 Responses to Here comes that Christmas spirit!!

  1. kamielverwer says:

    This is a cool shot.. you can see your camera in the bulb, seems to be a pretty hefty device?

    What was the shutter speed you used?

  2. Thank you, and the funny part is that I didn’t plan the reflection. I only noticed it afterwards. As for the settings, the shutter speed was 1/6s and the aperture was f/5. My camera is a Canon Rebel XSi which I am still learning how to use as I am really only a beginner. Too many times I just use the Auto mode, but I am trying to learn and experiment more and more with the other settings whenever I can. If only I had more spare time!! 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog. I am having a lot of fun with it!

  3. dafarmer says:

    But now your a photographer so just send pictures. 😛 That’s what I do people always appreciate family photos!

    • You know, that’s a really good idea. My oldest son will be going away to college next year, and we haven’t had a family photo done in years (boys don’t sit for photos very well when they are little). So, I think next summer I will experiment with some family shots and if I am successful use them for Christmas gifts next year. Thanks dafarmer!

  4. TBM says:

    It’s a great time of year.

  5. David Hall says:

    It is usually somebody else who notices reflections of the photo taker, it has happened to me a few times now. Have a nice Christmas.

  6. restlessjo says:

    That’s a fun photo. I’m just sitting here feeling self satisfied having finished putting my tree up today- a little behind you I admit. Last year I had the kind of lights that flicker on and off in sequence, mesmerising me. They’ve given up the ghost and this year’s lights are much more peaceful. So I have to turn and smile at the tree occasionally- many hours of pleasure!

    Came to your blog via David Hall- a fellow Hartlepudlian. Enjoyed Charleston and the beaches blog too. I’m a beach person.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Hey, it’s only December 13th – you finished decorating well ahead of time. It is a lot of work though, isn’t it? But there is nothing I love better after it is all done than turning off the house lights and plugging in the tree lights and sitting back to appreciate the beauty of the season. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your comments. I hope your Christmas is wonderful and that you have a very Happy New Year!!

  7. SL Schildan says:

    I love the self photo. I tried that the other night but the “flash” ruined it. When I turned the flash off, my jiggles ruined it. So it is with great admiration that I congratulate you on a job well done.

    • Wow, thank you so much!! It means a lot to me when fellow bloggers give me such positive feedback. Trust me, though, I experimented for a long time that night before I produced some photos I was happy with. I am not an expert with camera settings by any means, but I am trying to learn.

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