The Perils of the Obsessed Photographer

When you love to take pictures, it is amazing what lengths you will go to and the chances you will take in order to get that elusive shot.  Case in point was my drive home yesterday.  As I headed up the highway exhausted after a long day at work,  Christmas shopping at lunch, and grocery shopping after work, I noticed a glow out the driver’s side window and did a double take when I saw the sun sinking over the horizon.  It was absolutely stunning!  It looked just like a huge ball of fire, and the colours were amazing shades of orange and red.  Plus the colours began to spread through the banks of dark clouds surrounding the sun.  It was so massive and so bright that I don’t think I could have gotten a good shot in the beginning.  In fact, I couldn’t even look at it long.  So, I kept driving along glancing to my left every few seconds to see when the perfect photo opportunity would arise, if ever.  I’m quite sure my car was not exactly travelling in a straight line, and I’ll bet the guy in the car behind me thought I was drunk.  What I really wanted to do was drive across the field before I lost the opportunity like my fellow blogger, AJBopp, did to get his recent sunrise picture.  However, without 4-wheel drive this just wasn’t an option because calling a tow truck would have made me really late for supper, and my husband was cooking.  The husband is a fantastic cook you see!!

When the sun finally dropped below the horizon, the colours spread out like the tail of a peacock, and I decided that there was no time like the present, even though I was literally right on top of the turn to the next sideroad.  I stomped on the brakes and hit that corner on two wheels with the guy behind me barely missing my rear bumper.  I’m sure he is still cursing me even now.  The sideroad in question was barely a goat path and was completely snow and slush covered, and my car fishtailed as I ripped down the road trying to find a place to stop.  Not wanting to slide into the ditch, I gave up and just parked right in the middle of the road hoping that no other vehicles would come along.  I launched myself out of the car, grabbed my camera bag, and ripped it open, tearing off the end of one fingernail in the process, but there was no time to dwell on pain!  I snapped a few shots and then decided that my zoom lens was needed to really capture the colours.  Of course, I never thought about how filthy my car was as I leaned on it to steady myself, but I sure found out when I returned to my car and found out my brown dress pants now appeared gray.

Here are two of the resulting pictures.  They are not the best quality and they still don’t totally do the scene justice, but I do love the colours, and I hope you enjoy them too.

Sunset 1

Sunset 2



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