Memories of The Netherlands

Whenever we think of a particular country, there are certain symbols we associate with that country – things that make it unique.  For instance, I live in Canada and I’m sure when people think of Canada they think of snow, the moose, the loon, maple syrup, hockey, the maple leaf, mounties, and maybe even beer.

When I visited the Netherlands with my son’s school, I arrived with pictures in my head of the things I associate with that country – cheese, canals, wooden shoes, and of course windmills.  Now with the focus lately on clean power, the town I live in is surrounded by modern wind turbines, but one of my goals on my trip to the Netherlands was to see a traditional Dutch windmill, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Apparently this windmill is now a private home, but it is a common place for people to stop and take pictures.  As I did many times on that trip, I stood in amazement and fascination beneath the windmill thinking that I had finally fulfilled one of my dreams.  It was a moment I will never forget, and this photo now has an honoured spot on my living room wall.

Amsterdam Windmill

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  1. Thanks! It is definitely a favourite of mine.

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