Making the best of a bad situation

Ok, so yesterday morning really sucked!  It’s one thing to wake up in the morning and find out that Mother Nature wreaked havoc with her freezing rain wand all night long, but it’s another thing to get that 6:45 am phone call to tell you that the school buses are cancelled because the back roads are too slippery.  Now, if the highways were closed and I could stay home from work with my bratty children (who, by the way, sat in their pyjamas and played video games all day), there would be no problem.  But when I have to play Bambi and shuffle my way around on my skating rink driveway to scrape off the ice that has covered every inch of my car because the highways are fine and I still have to go to work, it puts me in a nasty mood!

To make matters worse, at first I couldn’t even get the car door open to get the scraper because it was frozen shut!!  However, I tried to find good in the bad, and while my car was warming up and thawing, I skated around with my camera taking pictures, but not really normal pictures – you know the type, where you just shoot a picture of your street with everything covered in ice.  Instead, I tried some close-ups of sections of my car.  This shot shows the little icicles hanging off the spoiler on the trunk of my car, and I love the colour contrast and how you can see little bits of the red of my rear lights reflecting in the icicles.


Now I know I usually only post one picture a day, but my twisted sense of humour just insisted that I post one more from yesterday.  Even though I warmed my car up for 20 minutes before I started scraping, it still took a lot of time and effort to clear my car.  I didn’t even bother with my side mirrors because the ice was so stubborn that I was afraid I would break them.  As I drove along the highway, I glanced to the right and saw the words that appear on every passenger side mirror on a car, and I started to laugh because of course I couldn’t see a thing.  Does anyone else see the humour in this or is it just me?

Frozen Mirror

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3 Responses to Making the best of a bad situation

  1. TBM says:

    Oh man, that is a bad morning. I hate ice and I hate walking on ice, scraping ice, and falling down on ice. Take care.

  2. Yes, it certainly was, but unfortunately I live in the region of Southern Ontario, so I’d better get used to it. I just keep dreaming of next summer!!

  3. Oops, that was supposed to be snowbelt region LOL

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