Six years ago, we took our two sons on their first trip to Florida.  My parents had sailed their boat all the way from Ontario to Titusville, Florida, and they wanted us to join them for a visit after Christmas.  So, we hopped in the car on Boxing Day and headed south.  As the kids had never been outside of Ontario, we crammed that trip full of as many activities as we could, including visits to Walt Disney World and the Kennedy Space Centre.

One excursion that they particularly enjoyed was a trip to Jungle Adventures, one of central Florida’s oldest attractions.  It’s a 20 acre park where you get to experience close encounters with native and exotic wildlife.  There were alligators everywhere, and they were absolutely huge!  We took in a wildlife show where the kids were actually able to hold a baby alligator, we watched the big alligators being fed raw chickens off the end of a dock, and we went on a jungle cruise with alligators swimming right beside the boat.

I took many photos of the alligators that day, but I think this one is the most unique because of how he is just peeking out of the algae-filled water.  It was really rather creepy actually, and trust me, my nerves were tested many times that day, especially since my husband kept telling my boys to put their hands through the fence to touch the alligators, totalling disregarding the signs that said “Don’t touch the alligators!”  I think he was more worried about me killing him when I caught them than he was about the alligators biting off their arms.

Peeking Alligator

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  1. Why thank you! I thought he was kind of cute!

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