Girl Power!!

There are certain things that only children can do because they are so carefree, and they have not yet reached the teen years when they start to worry about what others think of them.  A child will get dirty, dance around in the rain, and rub mud through her hair because she has not a care in the world other than having fun.

This little girl is a tough cookie.  She has to be because she is the youngest of 4 children.  When I look at this photo, it seems to me that she is saying, “Let me at those boys.  I can take them”, and she did hold her own that day, that’s for sure.  This was taken after a big early summer storm which filled the ditch beside our house in no time and drew all the neighbourhood kids to it like bees to honey.  None of them wasted time changing into swimsuits.  They just jumped right in, clothes and all, and spent a great afternoon swimming, splashing, and tackling each other.  There was pure joy on their faces, and my camera worked overtime that day as I tried to capture it all.

I love this picture because it is so natural.  She’s not fidgeting as she poses in a pretty little dress in front of a photographer.  She is making a childhood memory.

Alexis in the ditch

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4 Responses to Girl Power!!

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  2. M & D says:

    So Cute !!!!!!! She’s adorable.

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