Since attending my oldest son’s Grade 12 Commencement last week, I have been feeling a little sentimental and have found myself reflecting a great deal on where the years have gone.  Even my younger son is 15 years old now and is so grown up and mature (well, most of the time anyway) that I am starting to realize that I am going to be a shoo-in for a bad case of the empty nest syndrome when the time comes (please, not for a while yet!!).

While reminiscing, my mind kept going back to this photo of my youngest, Daniel.  I don’t think that anyone can deny that photos of children sleeping are always adorable, but I love this one in particular because I zoomed in for a close-up, which to me focuses on that innocent look of a child lost in dreamland, that innocent look that he lost when he was awake and running around like the Tasmanian Devil!!  But seriously, he is a great kid and still adorable.

Daniel sleeping

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