Wouldn’t it be easier to swim the other way?

Have you ever had a personal photography challenge – something that you have tried to capture over and over but have never been satisfied with the results?  For me, it has always been fish.  My husband is an avid fisherman, and I don’t mind fishing, but I would rather explore and take pictures while my husband tries to find “Walter”.  In the Fall, rather than fishing we will often drive to Sauble Falls near Sauble Beach, Ontario to see the salmon run, and I have tried over and over to get the ultimate picture of one of them swimming upstream to spawn.  Unfortunately, what my eyes see is not always the same as how my photo turns out. Does that make sense?  I guess part of the problem is the reflections off the water and the fact that the fish are quite camouflaged in the water.  It can be very frustrating.

I know this is still not the perfect shot, but it is my best to date, and I love the motion that the picture conveys.  Hope you like it too!

Salmon at Sauble Falls

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2 Responses to Wouldn’t it be easier to swim the other way?

  1. Nice, not an easy shot. Try a polarizer to kill unwanted reflections and keep shooting!

  2. Thanks for the advice. That’s my purpose for this blog – to learn! I actually have a UV filter on both my lenses, but I don’t have a polarizer. That sounds like a good Christmas idea to give my husband.

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