Today will be a little different. No picture of a cute little animal or a gorgeous sunset. Today I am posting a photo to celebrate my oldest son, Bryan, and to show how proud I am of him.

This past Friday night was Bryan’s Grade 12 commencement. He is actually still attending his high school on what they call the “victory lap”, taking a few more courses that he wanted but couldn’t fit in last year, but technically he has graduated from high school. I can still remember vividly the day I dropped him off for his first day of kindergarten. I was all prepared to reassure and comfort him if he panicked and cried as I left, but he simply walked away to join the other children, and I balled my eyes out all the way to work. Now he is getting ready to embark on new adventures in the adult world. Wow, how time flies!

After the kids received their diplomas, I took tons of pictures, some of Bryan and his girlfriend, Cayley, alone, others with their friends, and some family shots. I had already warned Bryan that my camera would be working overtime, and he knew better than to protest because this was a milestone that I needed to capture. While doing the family shots, the two grannies (my mom and Cayley’s grandma) decided to offer joint congratulations the way grandmas do it best, and the resulting expression on Bryan’s face was priceless. I think this is my favorite photo of the night?


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