Look up, look wayyyy up!

Yesterday, I talked about looking for lines and patterns, which made me remember today’s picture.

As a child, I lived in Toronto, Ontario, and every summer it was tradition for my family to go to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) which is a huge annual amusement park/fair. All year we would dream about the rides and the free samples in the food building, and of course a day at the CNE was not complete without a ride on the ferris wheel.  But the CNE is not like the big, new amusements parks that everyone flocks to in the summertime now just to experience the thrilling rides. The rides at the CNE are smaller and older, more like a traditional small town fall fair with a working farm, a horse show, and other exhibits and pavilions, as well as the midway, but to the people of Toronto, the CNE was always a symbol of the end of summer and the upcoming school year.

When I got older, I moved north of the city and got married, and when our two sons got to a certain age we decided to introduce them to the tradition of the CNE.  They loved the rides and the carnival games, and the food building never disappointed, although there are not near as many free samples as there used to be!  Hopefully, the CNE will be around for many years to come, so that my kids can take my grandkids someday.

On this particular visit, as we stood in the line for the ferris wheel, I looked up and realized what an interesting shot it would make from that angle.  There were so many shapes, patterns and colours – I just love it!!

Ferris Wheel

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