Hansel, where’s the trail of bread crumbs?

Does everyone see the same thing when they look at a photo?  No, probably not.  I may look at someone else’s photo and wonder what appealed to them when they took it. Obviously, something struck them as unique or beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I will see the same thing.  Maybe today’s photo won’t do a thing for you, but for me it creates a sense of peace.

Sometimes I like to just take random shots of anything where I see lines and patterns. While on a hike one day, I noticed this line of trees and the natural pathway of roots running through them, and it just appealed to me because to me it shows so much depth. Is it a pathway to nowhere or a pathway to somewhere?  To me, there is no single answer. This is a picture that could tell many different stories.

Path through trees

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2 Responses to Hansel, where’s the trail of bread crumbs?

  1. Heather says:

    To me, it looks like a path that will lead me to peace and quiet. Beautiful.

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