I did! I did see a puddy tat!

Even though I am just an amateur photographer, I take great pride in my accomplishments.  So, I have always thought it would be nice to display my favourite photos on the walls of my living room for everyone to enjoy.  I purchased a collection of frames a couple of years ago, and they have been patiently waiting for me to fill them.  However, as usual, my regular life (husband, children and job) always seems to come before my hobbies.  Imagine that? Add to that the near impossibility of picking a handful of favourites out of thousands and thousands of pictures and maybe it’s not so surprising that it has taken me so long.

Finally, I got past my obstacles and picked out twenty of the photos that mean the most to me and move me in some way.  Most of them involved great patience, whether it meant taking multiple shots of the same scene hoping that one would turn out spectacular, or simply patiently waiting in one spot until the subject appeared.

This picture is one of the twenty, and it was taken while my husband and I were visiting his parents.  At the time, they lived on a hobby farm out in the country, and there were regular wildlife visitors every day, whose visits they encouraged by leaving food out.  On this day I deserted everyone and went to sit quietly in the side garden where there were multiple bird feeders.  Nothing much happened at first, but then as I became part of the surroundings, little critters started to come out from hiding.  Butterflies flitted around the flowers, chipmunks ran around chattering, and birds were everywhere.  I took hundreds of pictures that day, but this one is my favourite hands down.

Yellow bird

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