Sunrise Interrupted

Yesterday. Time to go to work. Too impatient to let my car warm up and too lazy to scrape the light layer of frost off my windshield (yes, I said the “F word”). As I drive down the highway, I furiously squirt out windshield wiper fluid and turn on the wipers so I can see the road ahead of me when suddenly this beautiful scene unfolds in front of me.  The sun begins to rise behind a bank of clouds, silhouetting a farm and silo in the foreground. I hit the brakes and grab my camera, racing to put on my telephoto lens before the shot disappears. I step from the car and my fingers freeze as I fiddle with the controls.

Then, my bloody cellphone starts to ring. I know, you say, ignore it!! But it’s my mom, and I know she might think I had an accident on the way to work if I don’t answer the phone. So, I pick it up and blurt, “Motherrrrrrrrr, you are messing up my photo op. I’ll call you back”. I hang up to my mom’s laughter and get back to the business at hand.

This picture is the result. I photograph scenes like this all the time, but they never look quite the same as they did to my eyes.  Does that make sense? I was pretty happy with this one though. Anyone have any suggestions for settings for a shot like this so I can do better next time?

Silo in sunrise

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2 Responses to Sunrise Interrupted

  1. balavasakan says:

    amazing visual 🙂
    me too have handful of photos of sunset but every time it was unique and awesome
    i love to shoot it
    thank u

  2. Thank you. I must say I am kind of addicted to sunrises and sunsets.

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