Alfred Hitchcock, eat your heart out!!

Last March Break my husband, my kids, and I drove down to visit my parents on Isle of Palms in South Carolina where they had rented a condo for a couple of months.  It was right on the ocean, and we enjoyed many long walks up and down the beach.  Total, much needed, relaxation.

One day, as we sauntered along enjoying the warmth of the sun while we searched for sand dollars and starfish, this flock of birds took flight near us.  As all photographers know, when a situation like this presents itself you don’t stay back for safety.  That would be ridiculous!  Instead, I ran right into the midst of them, snapping pictures non-stop from atop my monopod (which I should add was great for the beach).

It was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life watching them swoop and dive so closely around me.  I was grinning from ear to ear, and when I got back to the condo and uploaded my photos, I was ecstatic over how well they turned out.  When I stare at this picture and tune out the world around me, I can almost hear hundreds of wings beating and feel the air swooshing as the flock flew around me.

Flock of birds

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2 Responses to Alfred Hitchcock, eat your heart out!!

  1. Donna-Lee says:

    Wow 🙂 Was it as loud as your photograph lets me imagine? This literally has movement, I love it.

  2. Yes, complete sensory overload. It was amazing!!

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