Hey buddy, is this the way to Mexico?

In my opinion, capturing wildlife with my camera is the most rewarding of all photography. I think that’s because of how exceptionally patient you have to be and how difficult it is to find a subject who will stay in one place long enough while you grab the camera.  I don’t know how many times I’ve missed a great shot by mere seconds because I wasn’t quick enough, and nine times out of ten, when I have the camera ready in a known area for wildlife, nothing ever shows up!  Or, you take shot after shot and they end up blurry because the animal, insect, or bird moved at the moment you snapped the picture.

We see monarch butterflies around our house all the time.  However, it’s not very often that a shot like this presents itself where its wings are perfectly spread open, let alone having it land on someone and “pose” so nicely, and the way the butterfly blends in so beautifully with the colour of my husband’s tan just made this a perfect shot in my eyes.  And no, he didn’t squish it afterwards – the butterfly flew away to play in the flowers after we convinced him that it was still a little early yet for Mexico.

Butterfly on Mike's arm

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2 Responses to Hey buddy, is this the way to Mexico?

  1. Acidri says:

    Hee hee! The butterfly rushed over to cover up his nudity.

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