I’ve never considered myself artistic at all – rather the opposite in fact.  I can’t even draw stick figures well.  However, I guess the words artistic and creative don’t always have to describe someone who can paint or draw.  I suppose I can consider myself artistic because I can find art and beauty in the world around me through the lens of my camera.

I saw this scene come together in front of me – the drama of the impending storm and then this little burst of colour in the corner – and I knew that I had found something worthy of being captured.  There is just such a special quality to it.  We were attending a wedding in cottage country, and this little girl was the flower girl.  After the ceremony, the photographer took many pictures on the dock with the lake as a backdrop.  When not needed for group photos, the flower girl and the ring bearer quietly sat on the edge of the dock looking for fish in the water.

Whenever I look at this photo, my serious and sensitive side appreciates the beauty of the scene, but my twisted sense of humour is always fighting for control, waiting for the little boy who is just outside of the frame of the picture to push her in!  He never did, of course, but that’s just how my mind works when I look at this picture.  Ya, I know, that’s terrible, but you are picturing it now too and laughing, aren’t you?

Girl in red dress

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6 Responses to Temptation?

  1. sashdc says:

    Hah! Though in fairness i had the same thought before even reading your blurb. If only for the delicate splash she’d make. Nice picture

  2. truels says:

    Great shot – that red dress makes the picture stunning – and it attracts us immediately (but NOT to push for her!)

  3. David Hall says:

    Another wonderful image. Yes, the little girl’s red dress, and the positioning, is what makes the photo. I think if I had been the photographer, I would be worrying that she might fall in before I had the scene safely captured.

  4. Thank you so much David. Comments like that mean a great deal when they come from someone with such great talent!

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