Beauty from the Beast

My parents live on the waterfront in Kingston, Ontario, so visits with them often provide me with different photo ops than I would normally find at home in our rural area. Add to that the fact that my Mom shares my love of photography, and you end up with two women constantly dropping what they are doing to get that “perfect shot” and the husbands just shaking their heads in disbelief.  Around my parents’ home it is very common to see waterfowl and boats of all kinds, heavy weather and waves crashing over the breakwall, and the unobstructed sunsets on the water are incredible.

Over time you will see that I am a little obsessed with taking photos of full moons, clouds, and sunrises and sunsets, and when I can capture something silhouetted against a sunset, that is the ideal photo opportunity in my opinion. But who would have thought that something continually belching out pollution all day could be beautiful, and yet somehow this picture does it with the sun setting in the background and the reflections in the still water.  It was taken on a very cold day in late December, and we were all tired after touring Fort Henry, but when my Mom and I looked across from their house at this view of a manufacturing plant in the setting sun, none of that mattered and the cameras started clicking.

Plant at sunset

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4 Responses to Beauty from the Beast

  1. tomleechphotography says:

    Wish I was here, the vast array of colours is beautiful. Nice shot!

  2. Thank you very much. It is really nice to get some feedback on my photos!

  3. Beautiful, nicely composed.

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