Look into my eye!!

I know this is supposed to be a blog to show off photographs that I have taken, but to tell you the honest truth, I’m not sure whether I took today’s picture or not!  The eyeball belongs to my son, Bryan, and something makes me think that his girlfriend took it, but it was on my camera, so I guess it still counts right?  Cayley, if it was you, it is an amazing shot, and if it was me, well, it’s still an amazing shot!

This summer we attended a family reunion on a property near Shelburne, Ontario.  There is no house on the property, so everyone just camped overnight, and we had a fabulous time!!  It was a really hot weekend, and a pool had been set up for the kids to cool off in.  Bryan and Cayley were sitting in the sun thawing out after their “polar dip” when this photo was taken, so that’s why his skin looks kind of red (ya, well water, really cold!).

I love the clarity of this shot.  In fact, if you look really closely (but be careful not to fall under his spell) you can see the reflection in his eye of the landscape in front of him (clouds, trees, grass).  And check out those eyelashes.  All the men in the family have these amazingly long eyelashes that all of the women envy.  My husband’s are so long that he has trouble wearing sunglasses!  If you are wondering what the brown patch is in his eye, we have been told that it’s like a freckle on his eye.  Pretty cool eh?

Bryan's Eye

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2 Responses to Look into my eye!!

  1. M & D says:

    Great picture – just in time for Halloween.

  2. truels says:

    Cool image ;-9 I like the expression in his eyes. And the framing!

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