Shhh, he’s sleeping!

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.  I am obsessed with taking pictures of animals, especially baby animals.  I have been trying to post a different type of picture each day, but while going through my favourite photos and trying to decide which one to post today, I  kept going back to this one over and over.

My sister-in-law,  Rhonda, works with horses, and I believe that pretty much every year you can find her at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto.  A number of years ago, I won tickets to the Fair, and I decided to take my boys.  It’s funny, you know, we live in a rural area, but they had not really been exposed to farm animals that much, whereas when I was a child growing up in Toronto we went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with our school, and I will never forget seeing a baby calf being born.  Rhonda arranged for us to go behind the scenes to see the horses she was working with, and we also visited all of the farm animals (for as long as my allergies could stand it that is).  My favourites were the piglets because they were just so adorable.

I have realized over the years that you don’t always have to stand back and get the whole picture.  Zooming in for a close up on one aspect of the scene can yield truly amazing shots.  So, although my animal family portraits from the Fair were nice, this one was the #1 photo of the day as far as I’m concerned.  What gets me about this photo is that my first thought is how cute the little sleeping piglet is, but then my eyes travel to the number stamped in his sibling’s ear laying beside him and I realize that they will all one day be making their way to someone’s dinner table.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my pork chops and bacon, but awww the poor little things!!


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