Green Thumb or Black Thumb??

When the warmer weather arrives each Spring, everyone at work starts talking flowers. The conversations “around the water cooler” start to sound like a local gardening society, with even the Latin names of flowers being tossed about if my boss is there. Inevitably, someone turns to me and asks, “so what are you planting this year Cindy?” My limited knowledge usually leads to a response like, “I don’t know – pretty pink ones and purple ones”.

Now, although I may be a little stupid when it comes to the names of flowers, I can definitely recognize beauty in a garden. As a result, I do spend a lot of time snapping picture after picture of my pretty flowers, whatever they are called. Although I have many colourful shots, this one is my all time favourite. I was looking out the basement window one day and noticed the morning dew clinging to the petals of this Asiatic Lily (ok it’s not the Latin name, but it’s better than pretty yellow one), and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I ran for the camera, bowling down anyone who got in my way, and leaned out the window snapping pictures one after the other. This one turned out the best, and I am very proud of it. There is just something so peaceful about it. Hope you like it too!

Yellow Asiatic Lily

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4 Responses to Green Thumb or Black Thumb??

  1. Heather says:

    Picture Perfect! ….I wish it was spring. Beautiful Cindy.

  2. marcy says:

    Amazing Picture!

  3. Donna-Lee says:

    I love close ups of flowers, and if they have rain drops or dew, even better. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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